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Aluminium drum slot diffuser with flange and direct mounting


Aluminium drum slot diffuser with flange and direct mounting

The drum slot diffuser is suitable for the supply and exhaust of cooled and heated air.

The slot is fitted with air direction elements which can be individually adjusted.

These specially developed air direction elements (drums) ensure an ideal and stable air diffusion pattern as well as a low noise level.

There is a high level of induction and air stream penetration in the room.

All lengths are available.

  • Ceiling


  • Suspended ceiling

    Suspended ceiling

  • Linear


  • 1 way throw

    1 way throw

  • Rectangular execution

    Rectangular execution

  • Adjustable


Select a product based on standard values

Code Type Size 25 dB(A) 30 dB(A) 35 dB(A)
RT351 {$versions->type} 1000x34 mm 83 m3/h 99 m3/h 118 m3/h
RT352 {$versions->type} 1000x61 mm 141 m3/h 168 m3/h 200 m3/h
RT353 {$versions->type} 1000x88 mm 202 m3/h 241 m3/h 287 m3/h
RT354 {$versions->type} 1000x115 mm 240 m3/h 286 m3/h 340 m3/h
RT355 5 slots 1000x145 mm 311 m3/h 371 m3/h 442 m3/h
RT356 6 slots 1000x172 mm 348 m3/h 414 m3/h 493 m3/h


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