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Intelligent VAV ceiling air diffuser


Intelligent VAV ceiling air diffuser

The VCD is an intelligent ceiling air diffuser with integrated flow rate controller for both supply and exhaust purposes. This enables autonomous flow rate modification depending on the prevailing environmental conditions, e.g. occu- pation degree, indoor air pollution and thermal loads. Thermal comfort in the occupied zone is optimized during ope- ration as the diffuser exit air velocity is better preserved at changing flow rates than with traditional diffusers. Although primarily aimed for constant-pressure duct system designs, it can be applied to other situations too.

  • All-in-one air diffuser with VAV
  • functionalities
  • Plug-and-play remote commissioning
  • Optimal throw length
  • Applicable to any ceiling system

    The Grada VAVi software is used to commission VAVi diffusers, such as VCD, and manage an entire building’s individual comfort levels. Diffuser settings, status and inter-diffuser relationships can be read and edited using the software. The VAVi software is free of charge and can be downloaded here.
  • Ceiling


  • Suspended ceiling

    Suspended ceiling

  • Round


  • Exhaust


  • Rectangular execution

    Rectangular execution

  • Adjustable


  • Easy access

    Easy access

  • VAVi


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