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Multidirectional diffuser 3 way air pattern


Multidirectional diffuser 3 way air pattern

The diffuser type EE300, made from aluminium profiles is used for the supply and exhaust of cooled or heated air in facilities such as offices, shopping centres, conference rooms,... The diffuser can be mounted in the ceiling and has a fixed 3-way horizontal air pattern. Multiple accessories can be used.

  • Square or rectangular diffuser with fixed horizontal air pattern in 3 directions.
  • Removable core consisting of several air distribution elements.
  • It is possible to replace the core with that of EE100, EE200 and EE400, in accordance with the desired air pattern.
  • Ceiling


  • 3 way throw

    3 way throw

  • Rectangular execution

    Rectangular execution

  • Specifications

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Code Type Size 25 dB(A) 30 dB(A) 35 dB(A)
EE300 - 150x150 mm 99 m3/h 124 m3/h 154 m3/h
EE300 - 225x225 mm 190 m3/h 239 m3/h 301 m3/h
EE300 - 300x300 mm 296 m3/h 371 m3/h 465 m3/h
EE300 - 375x375 mm 427 m3/h 535 m3/h 671 m3/h
EE300 - 450x450 mm 599 m3/h 751 m3/h 941 m3/h
EE300 - 525x525 mm 784 m3/h 977 m3/h 1218 m3/h


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