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Multidirectional diffuser with 4 way pattern


Multidirectional diffuser with 4 way pattern

The EG400 diffuser is used for the supply and exhaust of cooled or heated air in facilities such as offices, shopping centres, conference rooms, etc.

The diffuser has a fixed, 4 way, horizontal air pattern and is equipped with a removable core.

Installation with concealed central screw in combination with GR002 bracket for mounting directly onto the duct or in combination with a DP120 plenum equipped with round top- or side entry.

  • Ceiling


  • 4 way throw

    4 way throw

  • Rectangular execution

    Rectangular execution

Select a product based on standard values

Code Type Size 25 dB(A) 30 dB(A) 35 dB(A)
EG400 4 way 150x150 mm 123 m3/h 147 m3/h 176 m3/h
EG400 4 way 225x225 mm 249 m3/h 297 m3/h 353 m3/h
EG400 4 way 300x300 mm 313 m3/h 374 m3/h 446 m3/h
EG400 4 way 375x375 mm 451 m3/h 538 m3/h 642 m3/h
EG400 4 way 450x450 mm 860 m3/h 1016 m3/h 1201 m3/h
EG400 4 way 470x470 mm 860 m3/h 1016 m3/h 1201 m3/h


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