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The penthouse WBP is used for the supply and/or exhaust of ventilation air in airconditioning installations. The aluminium penthouse can be supplied in various dimensions to enable connecting different ventilation units to the louvre. A combined construction is also possible, one has the function of exhaust louvre and the other has the function of supply louvre. The horizontal blades are weatherproof. The penthouse construction makes it suitable for applications demanding high aesthetic standards.

  • Aluminium penthouse equipped with horizontal rainproof blades, closed upper side and birdscreen.
  • Horizontal blades under 45° and distance between the blades is 80 mm.
  • Can be used for supply or exhaust louvre, it is possible to combine the two functions.
  • Outdoor


  • 1 way throw

    1 way throw

  • Rectangular execution

    Rectangular execution