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Perforated ceiling diffuser for exhaust


Perforated ceiling diffuser for exhaust

The diffuser type DA350 is used for the exhaust of air in facilities such as offices, shopping centres, ...

The plenum is fitted with a filter frame suitable for mounting filters with a thickness of 25mm.

The perforated frontplate is hinged and equipped with push-pull locks for easy acces to replace the filter.

Also available without filter frame (DA370)."

  • Ceiling


  • Exhaust


  • Easy access

    Easy access

  • Specifications

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Code Type Size 25 dB(A) 30 dB(A) 35 dB(A)
DA350T Exhaust 160 mm 157 m3/h 194 m3/h 240 m3/h
DA350T Exhaust 200 mm 261 m3/h 323 m3/h 399 m3/h
DA350T Exhaust 250 mm 391 m3/h 482 m3/h 595 m3/h
DA350T Exhaust 315 mm 550 m3/h 679 m3/h 838 m3/h
DA350S Exhaust 160 mm 144 m3/h 178 m3/h 220 m3/h
DA350S Exhaust 200 mm 240 m3/h 297 m3/h 367 m3/h
DA350S Exhaust 250 mm 360 m3/h 444 m3/h 547 m3/h
DA350S Exhaust 315 mm 505 m3/h 624 m3/h 770 m3/h


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