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Round ceiling diffuser with adjustable core


Round ceiling diffuser with adjustable core

The diffuser type DE100 is used for the supply and exhaust of cooled or heated air in facilities such as offices, shopping centres, workshops, factory halls, etc.

The diffuser can be used for ceiling or exposed duct mounting, especially in installations where an adjustable pattern is required (horizontally-vertically). Suitable for mounting at higher altitudes because of its adjustable pattern.

  • Ceiling


  • Round


  • Round execution

    Round execution

  • Adjustable


  • Specifications

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Code Type Size 25 dB(A) 30 dB(A) 35 dB(A)
DE100 Coanda effect 160 mm 138 m3/h 167 m3/h 202 m3/h
DE100 Coanda effect 200 mm 235 m3/h 286 m3/h 347 m3/h
DE100 Coanda effect 250 mm 366 m3/h 443 m3/h 537 m3/h
DE100 Coanda effect 315 mm 514 m3/h 622 m3/h 753 m3/h
DE100 Coanda effect 355 mm 681 m3/h 824 m3/h 998 m3/h
DE100 Coanda effect 400 mm 863 m3/h 1044 m3/h 1263 m3/h


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