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FACT: Flow & Air comfort tool

Grada International NV provides several supporting tools to support engineering companies, installers and architects with the right choice of air diffusers and grilles. In this respect, the FACT (Flow & Air Comfort Tool) software allows the computation of air velocity profiles in a rectangular room in which single or multiple diffusers or grilles are mounted. These profiles can be very different in nature and depend on, a.o.,

  • the mounting location, i.e. wall, floor or ceiling
  • the flow pattern, i.e. compact, linear, radial and swirl jet flows
  • one or multidirectional diffusers or grilles
  • wall or free jet flow
  • isothermal or non-isothermal conditions
  • jet interactions, i.e. jet-to-jet and jet-to-wall interactions

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software can consider all these mentioned aspects but require a significant technical and scientific background of the user with respect to the correct model setup and interpretation of the results. Furthermore, the computational burden (cf. “time is money”) is a major drawback for its general application by sales representatives, architects, engineering consultants, etc. who require a quick and approximate, but acceptable and representative solution. Such simple computation tool and still considering the relevant physics is therefore needed. It would give a quick answer to the right diffuser selection with respect to thermal comfort.
Besides thermal comfort, other factors influence the choice of diffuser/grille selection. As such, pressure loss and noise generation are two important selection parameters. The tool should therefore return these operational values to optimally select the right diffuser for the client’s application.
FACT is based on the general jet theory, being the heart of the software. In-house CFD research has led to several model extensions for e.g. jets colliding in corners and (flat) walls, and the temperature influence on jet velocities.

Main functionalities

  • diffuser and grille selection from the Grada product range
  • calculation of jet velocity profile, (static and total) pressure loss and sound level
  • extensive reporting capabilities with several export possibilities, optional addition of logos and extra information to the report is possible
  • ergonomic and logic layout of the user interface, following the workflow, which increases the productivity

Fig 1. Input screen

Fig 2. Visualisation/simulation of jet flow


Fig. 3 Preparing a report