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Variable swirl diffuser


Variable swirl diffuser

Swirl diffuser for ceiling or exposed duct mounting. Specially designed for spaces where considerable temperature changes
take place and with ceilingheights of more than 4m, where high comfort standards are required. It can be used for commercial (conference rooms, ...) or industrial installations (industrial halls, airports, theatres, bank buildings, ...). Heated, cooled or isothermal air can be supplied by an adapted air pattern.Cold air has a tendency to ‘drop’, making it advisable to spread that air horizontally. Warm air however, can remain too close to the ceiling, not reaching the occupied zone.The variable swirl diffuser WR300,which can handle supply temperature differences of -10K up to +15K, can solve those problems.

Changing the vertical air pattern into a horizontal one always guarantees the desired air distribution for cooling as well as heating. Because of this, a diffuse movement of the air is created in the occupied zone, with low air velocity and a draught-free ventilation.
• In the heating mode warm air is passed through the slots in the outer ring of the swirl diffuser projecting the air down into the space. The centre swirl section of the diffuser is not active. When in the cooling mode the outerring is closed and air passes through the swirl vanes resulting in a horizontal air distribution pattern. The outer ring is not active. A constant pressure loss is always guaranteed, in the highest positions as well as in all the variable intermediate positions.

  • Variable swirl diffuser with 16 fixed swirl vanes. External diffuser collar and swirl plate in sheet steel.
  • Adjustable core, resulting in either a horizontal or vertical air pattern, in accordance with the internal thermal pressure.
  • Can be obtained with a Belimo motor.
  • Ceiling


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  • Round execution

    Round execution

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